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Making Movies that Matter

Posted on 02/10/2023

Council District 12 is proud to announce the official start of 'Making Movies that Matter'. This program invites schools throughout the San Fernando Valley to get involved in Los Angeles' hometown craft of film-making.

The Council District 12 office leads schools through the process of participating in the MMTM Film Festival and connects each of them with an 'artist-in-residence' who guide the participants through the creative process, development of their stories and ideas, and in utilizing the tools and technology to produce an impactful final product. The 'artist-in-residence' helps the young directors, actors, and cinematographers develop films that focus on topics that are personal to the students and throughout the years students have produced short films on issues like suicide, bullying, and uplifting the voices of people with special needs. 

The festival welcomes schools of all grade levels and different types of organizations to participate and this year's festival is off to a hot start with 30 schools and organizations already committed to participate in the process. Over the course of many weeks, students refine their skills in leadership, collaboration, story-telling, and appreciation for art. The initiative culminates with the 'Film Festival', which this year will be held at The Soraya Performing Arts Center on the CSUN Campus on May 18th. The Film Festival will proudly screen all of the films produced by the participants and conclude with an awards ceremony, bestowing various accolades to the students including the coveted award, 'Best Overall Film'.

To date, the Making Movies that Matter Film Festival has produced over 500 films, worked with over 100 sponsored schools, and made 4,000 students into film-makers. There is no shortage of films to keep you entertained, make you laugh and cry, and ultimately help you see the world through the eyes of the next generation.


Click here to visit the website and learn more.